"a hall or room used for Zen meditation, often found within a Buddhist monastery, where practitioners engage in seated meditation (zazen) and other Zen practices."

Zendo at LCTKD:

a serene space dedicated to the practice and teaching of Zen meditation, along with East Asian philosophies, understandings and practices."

The Zendo side of our Enso group is the study of East Asian philosophies and practices, by workshops and direct tuition, both in person and on line.

Led by Neil R. Hall, a scholar of East Asian philosophy, and a student of Zen for half a century, in our Zendo we shed light on philosophies like Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism (particularly Zen), and Shinto. We also share practices like meditation, and illuminate concepts with practical applications like Li (I) and Qi (Ki).

This teaching is available privately and directly. For workshops and courses open to all LCTKD students, whatever art they study with us, check our Enso workshops page.