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Video Gamer? Like Tekken?

If you are into video games you will know that the game Tekken features characters drawn from different martial arts, with moves from those martial arts. Now, our London Director Mr Jon Alagoa, not only a well known martial artists but also a long time gamer, has produced a very cool video based on the Tekken characters. He features in it (can you guess as what character?), and you will also see fellow Chinatown Instructor Miss Angela Sun, Chinatown student Aeddan Sussex, and our old friend Xin Leng - who once threw our co-founder Neil R. Hall through a wall in Chinatown, back in the day! Plus some other very fine martial artists. It's well worth a watch.

Fun In the Park


Thanks to Sue Field for sending in this fun pic from Droitwich Tai Chi, which is in Vines Park during the summer. It's a lovely spot beside the Droitwich Canal, with swans swimming in the background. In fact, all our Tai Chi is outdoors for the summer, so come along and enjoy the fresh air and the joy of doing Tai Chi in nature.

The Chinatown Cup


Well done to all involved at Mr Alagoa's annual TKD sparring and patterns competition at our home in London's Chinatown. It was a great event with some fabulous performances, and we are already looking forward to next year!




"a hall or room used for Zen meditation, often found within a Buddhist monastery, where practitioners engage in seated meditation (zazen) and other Zen practices."

Zendo at LCTKD:

a serene space dedicated to the practice and teaching of Zen meditation, along with East Asian philosophies, understandings and practices."

World Tai Chi Day

Black Belts!


Many congratulations to our six recent TaeKwonDo Black Belt graders. 2nd Dan: Miss Rebecca Nevin, Mr Jacob-Joseph Lloyd, Mr Oliver Wiejak. 1st Dan: Mr Samuel Morgan, Miss Lena Weijak, Miss Flora Hamilton-Jones.

A very high standard throughout the final examination, held for the first time in Blockley. That was appropriate as 5 of the six are from Mrs Helen M F Hall's Blockley TKD. Well done everyone and thank you to all those involved - candidates, Instructor team, family and friends. Big thanks too to photographer Harriet Nevin. Look out for more photos from her being shared on our website and social media.

AI Refreshed


Always up to the minute, we have now included an AI "agent" on our website, which lets you ask questions, chat about the answers, and organise to do things. Our pilot version was only available to people who had a certain sort of AI subscription, but we didn't want that to be the case, and now it's free to everyone. To use it, you just click on it and type in your questions. You can even tap the microphone icon and speak to it! (Don't try that here, as that's just a picture. Head for our home page and you'll find it.)

And latest update to this: we have now added a free AI version of our Complete TaeKwonDo Handbook, which you can access here. A previous version was not available free, and we promised to work on not only improving it but making it free to all. Dream realised!