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Incredible Award in Japan


A huge congratulations to Enso Instructor Mark Nind, who travelled to Japan with a group of teachers from Mugai Ryu Europe, where he trained with Niina Gyokusou Soke, the World Head of Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha. During the visit, Soke awarded Mark the grade of Sandan (3rd Dan), making him one of the highest graded students of Mugai Ryu in the UK. A special thank you to goes from Mark to our Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall and the head of Mugai Ryu in the UK, Kaicho David Jackson, for supporting him in his journey and enabling him to make the journey to train in Japan, and also to Sensei Luciano Morgenstern, Head of Mugai Ryu Europe, for making it all possible.

Black Belts!


Many congratulations to our six recent TaeKwonDo Black Belt graders. 2nd Dan: Miss Rebecca Nevin, Mr Jacob-Joseph Lloyd, Mr Oliver Wiejak. 1st Dan: Mr Samuel Morgan, Miss Lena Weijak, Miss Flora Hamilton-Jones.

A very high standard throughout the final examination, held for the first time in Blockley. That was appropriate as 5 of the six are from Mrs Helen M F Hall's Blockley TKD. Well done everyone and thank you to all those involved - candidates, Instructor team, family and friends. Big thanks too to photographer Harriet Nevin. Look out for more photos from her being shared on our website and social media.

AI Refreshed


Always up to the minute, we have now included an AI "agent" on our website, which lets you ask questions, chat about the answers, and organise to do things. Our pilot version was only available to people who had a certain sort of AI subscription, but we didn't want that to be the case, and now it's free to everyone. To use it, you just click on it and type in your questions. You can even tap the microphone icon and speak to it! (Don't try that here, as that's just a picture. Head for our home page and you'll find it.)

And latest update to this: we have now added a free AI version of our Complete TaeKwonDo Handbook, which you can access here. A previous version was not available free, and we promised to work on not only improving it but making it free to all. Dream realised!



Kodachi is a special sort of short sword practice, which is one of the things more advanced students do in Mugai Ryu. A big thank you to Mark Ashman from Inyoshinkai, one of the UK's highest ranked practitioners of Mugai Ryu, who came to teach us a workshop on Kodachi, which was very popular indeed. Like all Mugai Ryu, it can be done kneeling or standing. Look out for it in your Enso classes from now on.

Lunar New Year

We welcomed the Lunar New Year, celebrated in East Asia from 10th February. You can find out what that means for this year on our Lunar New Year page.


Bredon Hill Cup


What an incredible finals day! All the overall results are now up on our Bredon Hill Cup page.

Click on the Facebook "f" icon at the top of this post to see photos from finals day on our Facebook page - which you don't need a Facebook account to view.

Happy Anniversary Chinatown!


It's already ten years since Mr Jon Alagoa took over as the lead Instructor in Chinatown. He has seen the classes through the lockdowns and brought them back with great success. Here he is with students from the adult class, including most senior students Miss Angela Sun, Mr Toby Fisher, Mr Sorabain de Lioncourt and Miss Connie Wong.

Happy Anniversary Tai Chi!


It's 10 years since we first started teaching Tai Chi in public classes. A long time student of Tai Chi, our Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall had been teaching it to students of Ensodo for some time. A number of people, including Ensodo Instructor Joe Aspey, and TaeKwonDo Grand Master Jason Wadley, encouraged him to start teaching Tai Chi in its own right in public classes.

To celebrate World Tai Chi Day in April, 2013, he taught a session at the wonderful Batsford Arboretum. In the autumn, he taught a short course at the Arboretum. David O'Brien was one of the attendees, and he went on to attend regular classes at the there. On becoming an Instructor some years later he began to share in the teaching at the Arboretum, eventually becoming the main Instructor, as well as teaching in other places like Lower Swell in the Cotswolds and Droitwich Spa in Worcestershire.

David now lives in Broadway, in the Cotswolds, and is teaching a new Tai Chi and Qigong course at the beautful Broadway Museum and Art Gallery. The autumn course is fully booked already, but look out for news of the January course, the date of which will be fixed soon.

As Neil R. Hall started to teach more classes, some experienced Tai Chi teachers joined us, and over time many more came through the ranks from beginner at LCTKD. Now, we are proud to be one of the biggest Tai Chi schools in the country, with an excellent team of well qualified Instructors, and classes across Worcestershire.

That includes a new class taught by Sheriden Rollo in Bournheath, Bromsgrove, which has just started.

Special Guest at Mugai Ryu


With an unfortunate set of illness and injury sadly stopping half of our usual attendees from getting there, it was a smaller group than usual to work with Sensei Luciano Morgenstern, Head of Mugai Ryu Europe, when he came to the UK along with Andreas Laskowski. But still a fascinating and unforgettable time was had by those fortunate enough to go. Well done to all! Plus, many congratulations to John Cartwright who graded to nikyu and Robert Tyrrell who graded to ikkyu. Also to Tutor Mark Nind who completed the first part of his nikyu (2nd Dan) grading.

In the photo, Mark (on the right) receives a special Tsuji Gettan makimono on behalf of LCTKD from Sensei Luciano (in the centre). This very special gift recognises us and connects us to the founder of Mugai Ryu.

TaeKwonDo Patterns


Ensodo Instructor Lisa Williams came along to watch and advise at Neil R. Hall's workshop on Timing in TaeKwonDo Patterns. Well done to all involved, who in our usual cross-fertilisation from our other arts even got to use Tai Chi fans to help them find the right rhythm in their movement.



Certainly a highlight of the year in 2023, when TaeKwonDo and SAMA students joined Ensodo and Iaido students at workshop in the traditional Japanese weapon, the Naginata. Many thanks to Sensei David Jackson and Sensei Mark Ashman of Inyoshin for teaching this great workshop.