These are our the LCTKD terms and conditions for students (first), and for those who shop with us or work with us in any other way (below).


These are the terms and conditions for students at LCTKD, including anyone who comes to us for a single workshop, event, or short course.

You don't have to register with us to come to a single workshop, event, or short course, but you do have to register with us if you are joining us for a longer course or attending more than one of our regular classes. When you register you will be asked if you accept these terms and conditions. If a link from the registration form has brought you here, please scroll through to the bottom, and once you are happy click on the link to take you back to the "For the New Starter" page.


Martial Arts schools are traditionally insured on the basis of "licensed" students, and for that purpose our registration form, once accepted, makes you a "licensed" student for as long as you remain with us. Our registration process allows us to make some simple checks about the safety of your participation in the activities we provide, and satisfies our insurers that we have made these checks.

If you are not a registered student of LCTKD, but are attending a trial class, or have purchased a place at a class, workshop, event, or short course from LCTKD through the LCTKD website or otherwise, you will be considered automatically registered for the duration of that class, workshop, event, or short course, and you only need to complete the registration form if you continue with us.

When you register, you accept our approach to data protection and respect for your privacy. This approach, which was introduced in line with the General Data Protection Regulation, and devised to maintain your privacy and protect your data, while ensuring your safety and wellbeing, and the efficient running of courses and classes, is detailed in our document LCTKD's Approach to Welcoming and Safeguarding. Contact us if you would like to read the full document.


We uphold very high standards of safety. Even so, martial arts can carry a risk of injury, and by becoming a student of LCTKD you accept that.

All of our self defence arts involve contact and, of necessity, fighting. This applies to all age groups. Even in the most controlled environment, these can carry a risk of injury, and by attending any fighting arts class or event you accept that.

Our sword arts classes and events do not involve sword fighting, but do involve kumitachi (fighting drills with bokken - wooden swords), and some classes involve gekiken (sparring with shinai - bamboo swords) and kendo-like armour, and at specified events can involve tameshigiri - cutting targets using shinken (sharp swords). Note that gekiken and tameshigiri are optional activities. All are done in a highly controlled environment, but even so, can carry a risk of injury. By attending any sword arts class or event, and by taking part or being involved in any way in these activities, you accept that.

All of our students must take special care when purchasing, working with, carrying, or storing weapons. There are legal restrictions on all the weapons we use, some of which might be considered offensive weapons for legal purposes should you be carrying them other than to and from a formal LCTKD class, in an appropriate manner - which would be stored in a proper carrier. Any bladed weapons should be stored in a locked carrier. There are additional legal restrictions relating to swords, which all sword arts students must be familiar with and must follow. These are:

keep swords only in a secure environment where they will not be accessed by others, and ideally under lock and key
transport only to and from class, wrapped in a sword bag and within an outer carrying case, preferably locked
carry with it proof of your identity and your active membership of LCTKD
if asked about it by a police officer or someone else in authority, explain politely its purpose and your membership, and if asked to get it out, ask to do this away from a public place, and explain to the person wanting to see it how to handle it safely
never transport or indeed handle at all your sword while under the influence of drink or drugs
note that there are further restrictions on international travel with a sword - check with your transport provider

These days, many people are involved in non-contact activity with martial arts schools like LCTKD, or perhaps gentle activity with only very limited contact and no fighting, like our internal arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. Sometimes people involved in classes like this wonder why they need to be insured at all. The answer is that life is never simple. Your safety is our priority, but it is still possible to trip and fall even in a Tai Chi class, or take ill as a result of an existing medical condition, or have something else unforeseen happen.

All the activities at LCTKD are conducted in a friendly and welcoming environment, and at the same time are disciplined and proper, conducted according to the rules and etiquette not only of LCTKD itself, but of the individual arts we teach. You will learn these as you go along, and following them, and respecting the ethos of LCTKD, is part of being a student with us. If you don’t follow the rules and abide by the ethos of LCTKD, we reserve the right to revoke your licence.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic we have introduced ways of working which keep our students as safe as possible from the transmission of Covid-19 or viruses with similar transmission and levels of impact. These ways of working follow Government guidance and are in line with the latest research and with legal advice. As a student, you must abide by any policies and practices which we operate for this sort of situation. If you don't do that, we reserve the right to remove you from class without any refund, and to revoke your licence.

Your licence may be revoked if you fall behind in your payments, or otherwise owe us money, and if that should be the case you will not be allowed to train with us.

Apart from this situation, as long as you continue to pay we will keep your place open and your registration will remain in place.

What to do if you should leave.

If you leave and you are paying using our PayPal subscriptions you can cancel that easily yourself, or you can ask us to cancel it.

If you do not cancel it or ask us to cancel it, your registration will remain in place, even if you have told us that you intend to leave, because we will take your continued payment as an indication that you do, after all, want to remain a student.

If you are paying by a method which we cannot cancel (for example, by standing order), then you must cancel payment yourself, and if you continue to pay your registration will remain in place, even if you have told us that you are leaving, because we will take your continued payment as an indication that you do, after all, want to remain a student.

In some instances we offer loyalty rewards such as students continuing to pay at their current rate, with no increase in charges. Such rewards only apply to continuing students, and anyone who leaves and then returns will pay the current rate.

Your Data

While you are with us, we will retain the information you give us confidentially.

Our subscriptions and payments are managed through PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account. This means that we do not have access to any of your card or bank details at any time.

While you are with us, we will have relevant information that you have given us during your registration or otherwise.

We will keep your personal data confidential, and use it only to facilitate your training. We will add to it details of your progression through grades and teaching qualifications, plus anything else relevant to your health and welfare that facilitates your training and keeps you safe.

We will add you to our relevant mailing lists, so that we can let you know what is happening and keep you up to date with class information, events and opportunities. Our mails to you are managed in line with the provisions of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR.

If you should leave, we will hold your information for a short time to allow you to return should you change your mind, then will delete all your information, except that your e-mail address will remain on our general mailing lists that include previous students. This is legally permissable under the regulations, and is known as the "soft opt-in" rule. It enables people who are not currently subscribers to know about any events or options for returning that they might be interested in. You are able to unsubscribe at any time.

We may share relevant information in some very specific cases with partner organisations, to facilitate your training. These are detailed below.

We may share relevant information with the Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts, which manages a number of our teaching programmes, especially those for all our teaching levels. We would only do that if you were involved in an Institute activity - for example, taking one of our teaching course.

For Enso students, we may share relevant details with our guiding organisation Inyoshin, where that is necessary to facilitate your training.

For Mugai Ryu students, we may share relevant details with our governing federation, Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha Europe, where that is necessary for your membership or to facilitate your training.

For partner venues, such as the Chinese Community Centre or Broadway Museum and Art Gallery, we may share your contact details with them as users of their services, so that they can get in touch with you directly.

Apart from that, information about you will not be shared outside LCTKD, unless you ask us to provide it, or unless we are required to provide it by law, and will not be shared even inside LCTKD except where relevant to our working relationship with you.

Where you use one of our AI apps, we may ask the app to automatically open any relevant profile you have that is required to use the app, rather than asking you to sign in, so that the AI app works seamlessly for you. This will not give LCTKD any access to your details.

Photos and Videos

It is normal practice for photographs and videos from selected events and classes to be used by LCTKD in newsletters, publications, websites and marketing material, and to be used by other partners who have participated with LCTKD in events and activities. All materials remain copyright of LCTKD, and their use is restricted and monitored by our safeguarding policy. The policy restricts, for example, the naming of children when photographs are used except in very special circumstances, and prohibits photographs being stored except on specifically authorised office computers. You can ask to see our safeguarding policy if you would like to know more.

Students (or the parents of students) wishing not to be in photographs or videos can ask at the time they are taken. If you (or the parents of students) want never to be in photographs or videos, or want their use to be restricted in a particular way, you (or your parents) must contact us at LCTKD in writing (an e-mail is sufficient), so that we can make sure your wishes are recorded, and if necessary arrange for a member of staff to discuss those wishes with you.

If you would like to discuss anything with us before continuing, please contact us.



Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you complete your purchase or work with us in any other way.

Specifications and Photos

All details of the goods we sell are given in good faith, with the integrity you would expect from a leading martial arts organisation. To keep costs down and to enable us to offer a very wide range of products, many of the goods in the shop are not held in stock by us, but are provided to us from our suppliers after you have made your order. We only use suppliers with whom we have had a long standing relationship, and whose products we know are of the highest quality. Sometimes, suppliers change their products, or improve their specifications, or simply run out of stock themselves. Sometimes, we might not be able to get from our suppliers something which is exactly as you ordered, or which matches exactly the photo. This could happen, for example, if there has been a minor alternation in the design, or a change in manufacturer (with the same specification). As long as we can provide you with something which meets the specification given, or is very similar indeed, and of no less value, then we will do that, unless you have indicated that this won't be acceptable in the order and delivery comments when you order. If we can't provide you with something which is very similar, but can offer you a reasonable alternative, we will contact you first and ask if that is acceptable. This could happen, for example, if you ordered red gloves and we could get only blue or black due to some interruption in supply. If we can't provide you with a reasonable alternative, we will offer you another product or products of no less value, vouchers to the same value as your order, or a refund.

Delivery Times

The delivery times stated take into account the fact that we get fulfil many of our individual orders through our suppliers and not from our own stock. The times are stated in good faith, based upon our experience. They are intended to be advisory, and do not form any part of a binding contract with you. Should there be any unforeseen delay, we will contact you and let you know. If there should be a long delay, we will offer you another product or products of no less value, vouchers to the same value as your order, or a refund.

Delivery Options and Payment

We offer a number of delivery options. If you are one of our students, we will normally deliver to you in class through your Instructor, unless it is something that makes sense to send to you at home. We won't send anything that needs sending until you've made the correct payment.

Exchanges and Refunds

The goods we sell are appropriate for the purposes for which they are sold, but in some instances local restrictions within your martial arts class might make the use of the products sold here inappropriate in your own class. If in doubt, check with your Instructor. We will not normally offer you an exchange or refund for goods which are unsuitable for your use because of restrictions within your own club if it is outside of LCTKD.

We will replace any goods which are faulty, as long as you return them to us within 14 days, unused and with their original packaging. Please re-package them and send them back to us, with an explanation. It would be helpful if you could contact us to let us know you are doing this.

If your goods are not faulty but are the wrong size, we will exchange them for the correct size as long as you return them to us within 14 days, unused and with their original packaging. Please re-package them and send them back to us, with an explanation. It would be helpful if you could contact us to let us know you are doing this.

If your goods are unsuitable for any other reason, we will not automatically exchange them, but we do welcome your feedback, so please do contact us to let us know.

In addition to our own policy on exchanges and refunds, you have a legal right of withdrawal from the contract to buy any item except downloadable ones or any where you are e-mailed your product (like certificates, for example). You can exercise this right within 14 days of the date of purchase.

If you want to withdraw, and cancel your order, you must:

1. Contact us and let us know. (Follow the links at the top and bottom of this page for our contact details.)

2. Return to us any item you have already received, unused, and in its original packaging. We will let you know how and where to send them.

If you have not yet received your items, or once we have received any item you have had, as long as it is unused and in its packaging, we will arrange for a refund to you through PayPal. We will refund you the full amount that you paid, less any costs that we have incurred. If your order included a delivery charge, we will refund any cost of delivery if the item has not yet been delivered, unless you are asking for part of an order to be cancelled, and there is still delivery needed for the rest of your order.

Martial Arts and Exercise

Undertaking any exercise, including participating in martial arts, can result in injuries varying from minor strains to serious injury, disablement, and even death. Purchasing any goods from our website, or looking at photographs or videos, or reading information on our website, should not in any circumstances be construed as giving any indication whatsoever that it is safe to participate in the exercises or martial arts pictured or described. You should only undertake a programme of exercise under proper supervision, and if appropriate with the prior consent of a physician. Under no circumstances should you participate in any martial arts activity without being under the supervision of a properly qualified and insured martial arts instructor. LCTKD, its Instructors and its insurers take no responsibility whatsoever for injury sustained through any participation in any activity which in any way claims to be inspired by anything bought from or seen in our website. When you buy any product from us, you are giving us your acknowledgement that you fully understand and accept this.

Classes, Events, Courses and Workshops

When you purchase a place at a class, event, course or workshop through our website, you are treated as a licensed student of LCTKD for the duration of that class, event, course or workshop, and the full student terms and conditions apply. If you are purchasing a place at a class, event, course or workshop, in agreeing to these shop terms and conditions you are also agreeing to the student terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the nature of the class, event, course or workshop, and any rules that apply to it. By purchasing, and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing that you understand the nature of the class, event, course or workshop, and that you will abide by any rules that apply. Failure to abide by the rules can result in your removal or disqualificaiton from the event. In such circumstances, no refund will be given.


It is sometimes possible to purchase training weapons from LCTKD. When you buy any weapon, you are certifying that you are over 18 (or over any age required by laws in your own country), and that you have read and accept the warnings printed in the product information, and that you will not in any way allow the weapon to be used by anyone outside of the purposes for which it is intended - that is, only for use in a martial arts or related class, under appropriate supervision.

Copyright and Patent

Some of the items we sell are protected by copyright and patent laws. In buying any product, you are consenting not to infringe the copyright or patent. You may not, for example, publish on the internet, or distribute through classes, or in any way use for other than your own private purposes, any image, music, logo or other part of our downloadable products.


The LCTKD is established in the England and in full compliance of all the laws in that country. In the event of any dispute, English law will apply.

In buying any product or service from LCTKD, you take responsibility for ensuring that it is bought, and used, in accordance with the laws of the country you are in, or any country that it will be used in subsequently.

Contacting Us

If you would like to ask any questions about these terms and conditions, or anything related to your purchase before you agree, then please contact us by following the links at the top or bottom of this page and we will be happy to help.