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This half day course gives students the grounding to help out in classes. Certified by the Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts, the course is open to people who study any art with LCTKD, and is taught by leading Institute Fellows with extensive teaching experience. It is for people who want to take the first step on their Instructor journey, or people who just want to help out! Successful completion of the course leads to a certificate from the Institute.

Here are some things to understand about the course.

A Teaching Assistant helps in classes. They welcome newcomers and help them to understand what is going on, and the basic things that beginners learn like who stands where, when to bow, basic stances, steps and early movements. Teaching Assistants do not lead the whole class, and are not expected to be experts. They are the friendly, welcoming face and willing helper. For those who aspire to be teachers of any of our arts, this is the first step. At the same time, the course is open to people who just want to help and are not interested in becoming teachers.

You must have the support of your Instructor to take part. If you have not received an invitation make sure to talk to your Instructor before booking your place. Some people are afraid that they don't know enough even to be a helper of newcomers, but remember you are not expected to be anything more than you already are; your Instructor would not be recommending you if they did not think you were right for the course.

The course is open to people from all our arts, as long as they have been with us for around a year and are over 12 (or 10 if you are a Junior Black Belt). So expect to meet and work with people who don't do what you do and are not the same age as you are. In past courses, the age range has been from 10 to 90!

As it is teaching you to be able to help safely and effectively in class, much of the course is practical, with you learning about how to help in a practical way. There is some theory to be done, and a porfolio to complete as you go along to help you remember, but the emphasis is on doing. You will work with people from other arts, because they will be beginners in your art, and you will be a beginner in theirs. Though this might sound daunting, it is always a great deal of fun and people come away not only better able to help in class, but also realising things about their art that they had not previously considered.

It is not compulsory to become a Teaching Assistant, so it's up to you. However, if you are thinking about maybe teaching one day you have to start here, and if you do TaeKwonDo with us you will have to do both this and an Assistant Instructor course if you want to be a Black Belt.

What to wear? As it is mostly practical, wear what you would wear to class. If you have any other questions, please contact us using the link below or speak to your Instructor.

To help as many people as possible take part, despite the fact that it leads to an important qualification, the course is heavily subsidised by LCTKD, but we can't afford to provide it all for free, so there is a small fee to pay if you want to take part, and you need to pay that here to book your place.

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