South Worcs

This is where to find out about classes in South Worcestershire with LCTKD, including Tai Chi in Pershore and Malvern. Other pages show you classes in The Cotswolds, Evesham, and Worcester. All classes are an hour long unless stated.

If you want to find out more about the arts we teach, you can do that on our What We Teach page.

For all of the classes taught by LCTKD directly (so that's all except after school classes and Adult Learning classes) you are welcome to come along and try a class free before signing up. Just contact us to arrange this so we can let the Instructor know you are coming.

We hope you will like it and want to keep coming! So when you do, you need to sort out paying. Different classes are paid for in different ways. To make it nice and easy, click on the course itself and we will we take you to the right place for you to pay.

You can book your Adult Learning classes either at your local library or on line through the Adult Learning website. Click on the course itself and it will take you straight there, but if you book an Adult Learning course and you have not been with us before, please still register with us before your course starts. (You don't have to for a taster.)

Pershore Tai Chi

  • Pershore Library
  • Church Street WR10 1DT
  • Mondays
  • 10.45am and 12 noon
  • Tai Chi Principles
  • Experienced students only

  • 2.30pm
  • Tai Chi for All
  • 6 weeks from 24th February
  • Beginners Welcome

Malvern Tai Chi

  • Malvern Library
  • Graham Road, WR14 2HU
  • 9.15am Tuesdays
  • Tai Chi for All
  • (Contact us for details)
  • Adult Learning Courses
  • 10.30am Tuesdays
  • Tai Chi for Beginners
  • 6 weeks from 25th February £45