Less formal than traditional arts like TaeKwonDo, SAMA uses a more relaxed environment to bring a greater focus on the sparring and fitness side of TaeKwonDo, taking fitness to an even higher level, and expanding the self defence work.

SAMA was been developed by our Technical Director Mr Drew N. Hall. SAMA means “Strike Artist Martial Arts.” It is a freestyle approach to martial arts and fitness, focusing on helping people to meet their personal goals, develop as individuals, and at the same time progress in martial arts in a way that will be properly recognised.

SAMA brings together kickboxing, boxing and reality-based self defence within a complete syllabus, allowing you to progress through the grades to black belt if you wish - though you don’t have to if you prefer not. If you do want to progress through the grades, assessments take place through your normal classes, rather than through grading examinations.

You can do both TaeKwonDo or Ensodo and SAMA under the same monthly Self Defence subscription.

You are always welcome to come along and try any LCTKD class. You can find SAMA classes on our classfinder page by clicking on the button below. (You can find payment links there too.) Or contact us for more information using the link at the bottom of the page.