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Students at Arnold House School do not pay LCTKD, but pay the school. We still need you to register, though, so if you have not yet done that, please do it now.

Everyone else can pay here, but don't forget to register first.

Our subscribers get all their classes as part of their subscription, and with our subscription loyalty guarantee, as long as you maintain your subscription, you never pay more, forever.

You can take advantage of a great starter offer, which we call a Starter Pack. If you start with a starter pack you get:

You get all of this for only £89, with free delivery.

It's no surprise that almost everyone starts this way. If you do, we get in touch and let you know when it's time to set up your subscription. You can order your starter pack here, or you can go straight to subscription with the links below.

Starter Pack

Starter packs come in a variety of sizes and colours. You can select the ones you want when you order. Note that we only send these to registered students, and unless you tell us otherwise we will send them to you via your Instructor, so that they can check the size and fit.

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Monthly Subscription

You can set up your monthly subscription here.

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Monthly Subscription
Low Income

You can set up your monthly subscription here.

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