On Line

Discover our wide range of on line learning at LCTKD. We have a complete Tai Chi for beginners course which you can do entirely on line, regular on-line workshops and events, and an extensive YouTube site with hundreds of videos designed to help you learn. It's also worth remembering that all our books are available in electronic format so you can access them on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone!

Plus, during the Coronavirus pandemic much of our service was on line. Not only did we provide hundreds of Zoom classes and hundreds of videos, we also provided over 100 web-based classes set out in lesson format, each one designed to last an hour or so. These contained videos to learn from and join in with, and other activies including study materials, things to make, and quizzes to do. And we kept them! Our subscribers have them all through a private link. This means that in addition to the things you see here, our subscribers have exclusive access to over 100 hours of on line learning and revision at their fingertips, plus something to make up for any missed classes.

If you are a subscriber and you have lost the link, or you are a new subscriber and would like access to this service, just contact us and we'll set you up.

We also provide on-line one-to-one tuition. Contact us to find out more.

Tai Chi Course