We Are Now Fully On-Line

Thanks to a great effort from all the team, and wonderful support from our students, we are now fully on-line.

From Monday 23rd March all our subscribers will get a weekly programme of Tai Chi, Self Defence arts (including TaeKwonDo, SAMA Kickboxing and Ensodo), or Mugai Ryu swords, depending upon your subscription. Self Defence people also get Tai Chi, and Sword people also get Self Defence and Tai Chi.

If you are not a subscriber at the moment, you can subscribe in the same way as before, and this gives you access to our on-line programmes. You can do that by going to our start page or you can contact us using the link below.

Healthy at Home

One of our Founders, Neil R. Hall, gives some advice about how to stay healthy while confined at home, looking at simple practical ways to keep to a training routine in limited space. Take a look.

Coronavirus COVID-19

All you need to know about how LCTKD is responding can be found now on a special page.