We take a break for annual holidays week beginning 17th August, except for classes in Batsford Arboretum and Chinatown, which remain on. Batsford is also still on when Bank Holiday Monday arrives on 31st August, but our class at Abbey Park in Pershore is not on during the Bank Holiday.

Coming Soon: The Bredon Hill Cup

The hugely popular multi-arts competition will be going ahead this year, in a format that's compatible with this year's situation. Keep watching for more information, coming soon.

Returning to Classes

Wave 1 of our returning to in-person classes plan, with outdoor Tai Chi, has been operating with great success for over a month now.

Wave 2 of our plan for returning to in-person classes, with indoor classes in TaeKwonDo, SAMA Kickboxing, Mugai Ryu and Ensodo, is also now well underway, and should be fully back by the start of September.

Wave 3 (the start of Tai Chi at larger indoor venues) is scheduled to begin on 14th September, with indoor Tai classes by the end of September at Pershore, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Redditch and Droitwich, plus an outdoor/indoor option at Batsford Arboretum.

Our on-line services will continue alongside our reopening across all our arts. Keep in touch!

For up to date information on our Covid Secure classes, see our special Coronavirus Page. This page tells you what you need to be aware of if you are hoping to attend any of our in person classes. Please make sure to check this page regularly, because it responds to and explains the latest guidance - like the law making wearing of face coverings compulsory in all our indoor classes (unless you have a medical reason not to wear one).

With so many classes now opening, we have moved the detailed information about classes back on to our website. You can find that on our classes page.


In-person classes are returning, but our on-line presence is just as strong and will continue to be. We have regular workshops on line too. Well done to everyone who came to the Zoom Shibashi Workshop on 12th August. The next in our programme is a teaching team workshop on Martial Arts, Religion and Spirituality. More are being planned, so look out for them coming soon.

Commerate and Protect

Commemorate these past months with your own LCTKD "pandemic" Ts, specially designed to commemorate the resolve and spirit that has seen us face Covid-19 together. Designed by our own Tutor Flora Hamilton-Jones, they show hands together in LCTKD colours on the left breast, Brothers and Sisters in Arts embroidered on the right sleeve, and the LCTKD logo on the nape of the neck. Embroidered for durability, from ethical suppliers, and in a wide variety of styles to suit your individual tastes, these high quality commemorative Ts cost only £23, including free delivery. You can get them on our t-shirts page, along with our unique, high quality LCTKD Facemasks - and note that face coverings are now compulsory in indoor classes.