Covid Secure

The Government has put back the date for all social distancing and other restrictions to be removed, until 19th July. So our classes will continue to run in the Covid Secure way they have been doing since returning from the latest lockdown. In TaeKwonDo, in areas with very low infection rates and high vaccination rates, you might see the introduction of some activities which we have been allowed to do but had not yet introduced. Other than that, it remains the same. Roll on 19th July!

Mugai Ryu Promotions

On 1st June, which is an important day in the Mugai Ryu calendar, Mugai Ryu Europe announced a number of promotions of senior students. Kaicho David Jackson (the head of our "line") has been promoted to sandan (3rd Dan), making him the UK's most senior grade. Our own Chief Instructor, Neil R. Hall, has been promoted to nidan (2nd Dan), and students Louise Morey and Luigi Pasqualin, pictured above, have been made Bashocho - that is, recognised deputies to Mr Hall.

Interested in swords? You might like to know that there's a promotion on which gives our students of other arts a 3 month free period in which to try out this incredible art.

Stage Combat

Many congratulations to Chinatown's Mr Martyn Trigg, who as an actor has spent a lot of time training in, and helping to teach, stage combat. On Sunday 24th May he completed his stage combat teacher's qualification. And of course we look forward to him teaching that!

New Assistant Instructors

Congratulations also go to our new intake of IAIMA qualified Assistant Instructors, Ken Mercer (Tai Chi Batsford), Eileen Bullock (Tai Chi Droitwich), Sue Field (Tai Chi Droitwich), Neil Alderson (Tai Chi Peopleton and Ensodo), Sheri Rollo (Tai Chi Bromsgrove), and Mark Nind (Mugai Ryu).

We have been approached to offer a Tai Chi class in Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, and Louise Morey will begin by running a short course there from 29th June, Tuesdays at 10 a.m.


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