This page shares the latest news from LCTKD, including news of recent events and celebrations.

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Timing in Tai Chi


A nice group of teachers - and interestingly most of them men - took part in our teachers' workshop on Timing in Yang Style Tai Chi, taught by Neil R. Hall, who is now celebrating 10 years after he added Tai Chi to our public classes. Well done to all involved. Future Tai Chi workshops are on our Tai Chi Workshops page.

Introducing Enso


We were very happy to begin 2023 with a substantial expansion in our teaching of traditional martial arts weapons, including both an increase in our swords arts and the introduction to a wider audience of traditional weapons such as sabre and naginata. Find out more on our Enso pages.

3rd Dan!


A huge congratulations to one of our longest standing students, Miss Angela Sun, who completed her final examination for TaeKwonDo 3rd Dan. Many thanks to other long standing students Mr Doug Knight, Mr Oliver Wiejak, and Mr JJ Lloyd, as well as Tutor Miss Tilly Allen, who joined in as partners for the final examination.

Good at the Unusual


Technical Director and Martial Arts Fitness Instructor Drew Hall worked with a dedicated group to discover how to be fit in a way that prepares you for the unusual movements often required in martial arts. It was the third of his three martial arts fitness workshops. A bit thanks to him. Everyone who has taken part has been absolutely thrilled. Are you interested in some serious martial arts fitness? Discover his Animal programme.