Congratulations to Our New Senior Instructor

Louise Morey (pictured), who has been very involved in our on line Tai Chi and Mugai Ryu provision, has completed her qualification and is now a Senior Instructor. Louise recently ran the very successful Zoom World Tai Chi Day event, and is managing our Zoom Tai Chi classes. To become a Senior Instructor at LCTKD is a lengthy and very challenging process. We are really proud of how well Louise has done, and very happy to welcome her to the senior ranks.

At the same time, another person who has been very involved on line, this time on the TaeKwonDo side, is Mr Rich Edkins. He has now moved on to the Senior Instructor training programme. Congratulations!

A Change at the Top

LCTKD was founded by father and son Neil R. Hall and Gareth R. Hall, pictured here in Chinatown back in the early days. Both have been at the centre of LCTKD since then. For the last few years, Gareth has been Chief Instructor, and Neil has been Director of Internal Arts with some other background responsibilities. In 2018 Gareth moved to Florida, but remained Chief Instructor as we continued to expand at home and grow our reputation internationally. Now, though, times have changed, and in the light of the current situation Gareth has decided it is better for the organisation to have someone closer to home as the Chief Instructor. So Gareth has stepped down, with his co-Founder Neil taking over as Chief Instructor. Gareth has issued a statement setting out his reasons for the change. That's below. We all want to thank Gareth for what he has done for the organisation, leading it with a gentle kindness and a clear sight on what we needed to be to maintain the highest quality. He has taken the organisation to a completely new level, and won countless admirers for his skill not only in martial arts but in management. Here's what Gareth has said.

"When I moved to Florida in 2018 I agreed with my colleagues to remain as Chief Instructor of LCTKD. In a period of expansion, and as we grew internationally, having a Chief Instructor overseas seemed to fit with our development. Now, the situation is quite different. As we continue to care for our students and staff during the current crisis, and prepare to emerge strongly from it, we need the focus to be very much closer to home. So I believe it is more appropriate for the organisation to be led from within the UK. I have discussed this with my fellow Founder of LCTKD, Mr Neil R. Hall, and he has agreed to take over as Chief Instructor with immediate effect. I have been very proud to have been not only one of two the Founders of LCTKD, but also its Chief Instructor for these past years, during which time it has grown into a substantial organisation with a reputation for quality and integrity around the world. I will not be disappearing, but will remain a Director of the organisation, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to its running and development in the years to come. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my role. I would like to wish you all good health and the very best for the future."

Engage with China

We are pleased to have been asked to work with an organisation called Engage with China, which promotes understanding of Chinese culture in schools. Here's a video they have been using.

Coronavirus COVID-19

All you need to know about how LCTKD is responding and what will happen next can be found on a special page.