New Workshops

We have a series of workshops coming up, for both beginners and experienced students. The first is scheduled for 11th February with Michelle Baker, and the second is scheduled for 2nd March with Louise Morey. See our events page to keep up to date and find out more.


Well done to three of our youngest students, who passed their on line TaeKwonDo gradings today under Miss Angela Sun and Mrs Helen M F Hall. AJ and Emily Palij both moved from white belt to orange stripe, and Lawrence Lin moved from orange belt to yellow.

Coronavirus Latest

During lockdown, we are continuing to provide our comprehensive and highly praised on line service. We hope to get back to in person classes as soon as we can, though we expect that there might be some sort of phasing of the return, as their was after the first lockdown. Our on line service will continue to operate alongside in person classes when they start to return. We will of course update you as soon as we know when and how the lockdown will end.