Well done to Rabson Mwale and Flora Hamilton-Jones, who both passed on line TaeKwonDo gradings this lockdown. During the lockdown, we have continued as before with our grading ready programme, and on-line gradings. It's great to add these two excellent students to the list of successes!

Well done also to Luke Hammond and Luke Fleming, who gained their orange and red belts in SAMA Kickboxing during the lockdown.

Return from Lockdown

In line with the current lockdown, all our classes are on-line, and our regular in-person classes and courses have been suspended. The Government has now issued a roadmap for the way forward, and in line with that, if the projected dates are met, we anticipate:

Tai Chi

From 14th April, we will start outdoor classes at Hanbury Turn, with Zoom alternatives for bad weather, and more Zoom classes on a Monday and Friday every week.

From 26th April, we will have outdoor classes at Batsford Arboretum.

From May 17th, we plan to be outdoors at Batsford, Peopleton, Hanbury Turn, Droitwich, and Kidderminster, with indoor or Zoom alternatives for bad weather, and some on-line service continuing. As spring turns to summer, we will start to plan for indoor classes and in-person classes in other locations.


After Easter there will be outdoor classes for teens and adults in Chinatown.

From 12th April TaeKwonDo classes will return at Blockley and Broom. Badsey and Elmley Castle classes will be replaced by a Tuesday 7 p.m. Zoom. Junior classes will also return in Chinatown.

From 17th May, all our subscription classes will be back on.

We hope to return to Arnold House School classes some time in Summer Term.

SAMA, Ensodo, Mugai Ryu

All these arts will return to in person classes from 17th May, and meanwhile will continue as they are at present.

Social Distancing

The Government expects to have some social distancing and other Covid Secure measures in place between now and June 21st, but it has not yet been decided what these will be. After that date it is hoped that classes like ours will be able to return to the way they were.

Lockdown League!

Congratulations to your JJ Lloyd who laid his claim to being our fittest student during the lockdown with an amazing win in the very tough lockdown league. A very well done to Mr Toby Fisher, who came in second while doing his first Lockdown League, and to another youngster, George Chappell who came a very well done third. The picture shows their avatars on the winners' podium. Thanks to all who took part - some great fitness was shown all round.



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♬ Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) - Joel Corry

Yes, thanks to Tutor Flora Hamilton-Jones, LCTKD now has a TikTok account. TikTok is the short video sharing app, which is hugely popular with teenagers, but actually has something for everyone if you just look around. Here's the sort of thing that you see on our TikTok account. This connection from our news page to TikTok might take a minute to load, so give it time. Then, you can play the latest video that's being shown on our TikTok account without having to actually go to TikTok. Of course, if you go to TikTok you can follow us, which would be really nice.

Flora has also been showing her talents with the graphic image at the bottom of this page, which is made up of the LCTKD colours!

World Tai Chi Day

We have been running an incredibly popular series of on line events and workshops since the beginning of January, for both beginners and experienced students. At the moment, one of the things in our programme is World Tai Chi Day at the end of April. To keep up to date with that, and find out what else is coming up, visit our events page.