This page shares the latest news from LCTKD, including news of recent events and celebrations. For information about class changes contact your Instructor or see our Facebook page.

Mugai Ryu


Both long established and brand new students attended the recent workshop with Kaicho David Jackson, the UK's most senior Mugai Ryu teacher. Sensei David's insights, patience and sense of fun were much appreciated by all!

The next workshop with Sensei David is on 11th March. See what these workshops are about.

On the Beach


We are well known for our Tai Chi outdoors through the summer, but it's worth thinking about training outside for our other arts (wooden swords only for Mugai Ryu!). With money tight, training spaces are a big cost, but you can often train together with your teachers and colleagues outdoors for free. SAMA students are already famous for training in parks, even in the rain. And recently Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall was training with TKD Tutor Miss Flora Hamilton-Jones on the beach in Falmouth, where she is at university.

100 Rounds of Sparring


Before and after photos from the recent event in Chinatown. If you have never done 100 bouts of sparring, it's like playing very intense squash for over 2 hours, so it's some achievement. Congratulations to all involved, who did it as part of a fundraising drive for our Chinatown classes and the London Chinese Community Centre, where they have been going for the past 18 years.

Iron Woman!


Louise Morey is a Senior Instructor in Tai Chi and Bashucho in Mugai Ryu. But you might not realise she is also a Triathlon coach! And she proved she can do as well as teach, taking part in and doing very well in an international "Iron Man" event in Italy. (Yes, they call it Iron Man even when it's women taking part.)

Latest TKD Gradings


Well done to the group of junior grade youngsters at the latest TKD gradings in Badsey. Big thanks as always to examiner Mrs Helen M F Hall, Instructor Mr Doug Knight, and to Tutor Miss Tilly Allen, who helped out.

Tai Chi History


An interesting time was had by all those teachers attending the workshop on embedding Tai Chi history into your teaching. It sounds rather heavy going, but it was lots of fun with many very interesting discussions thrown up.

Mobile, Flexible and Strong


It as another great fun and very informative afternoon at the second of Technical Director Drew N. Hall's fitness workshops in Broom. Some of those exercises were very tough, but everyone seems happy. The next one is in January. See our events page to keep up to date with forthcoming workshops. And there's a kettlebell video from Mr Hall, too. You can watch it here.

5 New Teaching Assistants


Congratulations to the two Tai Chi and three TaeKwonDo students who qualified as Teaching Assistants in October. It's good to have you on the team!

Your Qi Was Worked


Well done to this happy group who came to the Working Your Qi workshop. Plenty of Tai Chi teachers, of course, and welcome to a few new workshop faces who joined this open workshop with Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall.

Make Haste


Many congratulations to London Director Mr Jon Alagoa, whose short film "Haste" won best short film under 10 minutes at the Fighting Spirit Film Festival in London. Mr Alagoa wrote, starred in and produced the film.