4th Dan Grading


Congratulations to Mr Alagoa on a very successful session in Chinatown on 27th July, which saw the completion of his graduation to 4th Dan. Here he is photographed with Chief Examiner, Technical Director Drew N. Hall, and Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall. The date can be seen on the certificate, and even the time can be seen on the Chinese Community Centre clock. Well done Sir!



That's the name for people who are assistants to the Sensei, or deputies, specifically in Mugai Ryu. Kaicho David Jackson has approved the nomination of two of our senior students for this position, which is often referred to be students as "blue badge" because the office holders have a blue badge, rather than a student white one. Mugai Ryu's system works in tandem with our teaching qualifications, which are overseen by the IAIMA. The new Bashocho are Luigi Pasqualin and Louise Morey, seen here outside our Wednesday Peopleton class during a break from training.

Covid Secure

With the easing of restrictions from 19th July, our classes have been taking another step back to the way things used to be. However, there is still a threat from Coronavirus and we all need to do our bit to keep everyone safe. So although we will be allowing greater numbers in our classes again, and reintroducing contact activities (sparring, close quarter self defence, push hands), we will also maintain some Covid Secure measures for everyone's wellbeing. Check those out on our Covid Secure page and remember to play your part.


Our formal summer break is the week from 16th - 22nd August. In some of our arts, we operate reduced numbers of classes over the summer, particularly in August. Ask your Instructor for details of your own class's arrangements.