From 17th May we are running a programme of in person classes across all our arts. Here it is.

Tai Chi

Outdoor classes at Batsford, Peopleton, Hanbury Turn, Droitwich, and Kidderminster, with indoor or Zoom alternatives for bad weather, and some on-line service continuing. As spring turns to summer, we will start to plan for indoor classes and in-person classes in other locations.

All our other arts.

All of our in-person classes in TaeKwonDo, SAMA, Ensodo and Mugai Ryu are back.

Social Distancing

At the moment, in line with the current Government guidance, we are continuing to run Covid Secure, with 2m distancing and no contact activities, except for pad and bag work and kumitachi, all under strictly limited circumstances. The Government plan is for us to introduce more activities, with fewer restrictions, soon. Don't worry: it won't be long will we are back to normal!

Junior Leader

Well done to the 4 students from Blockley who did their Junior Leader Course on 15th May with Mrs Helen MF Hall and Miss Angela Sun, and also Miss Connie Wong who joined the whole course on line. (You can see her in the photo.) You can see some more photos in our Facebook post. Click on the time at the top left of the post below to take you to see it all on Facebook.

SAMA Boxing

SAMA is back, and Technical Director Drew N. Hall has been working with Luke Fleming on developing the boxing side of SAMA, which he describes in this interesting video. It is now developed so nicely that SAMA will have three distinct arms to it - boxing, kickboxing, and self defence. This relaxed, superfit art has become a popular mainstay of what we do. You can find out more about it on our SAMA page.

World Tai Chi Day

We have been running an incredibly popular series of on line events and workshops since the beginning of January, for both beginners and experienced students. And on Saturday 24th April we held our first in-person event for quite a while. It was our annual World Tai Chi Day event, this year led in a sunny Bromsgrove by Michelle Baker. Thanks to everyone who came, some of whom travelled long distances to be there. A big thank you of course to Michelle, and also to Louise, Gaynor and Mike who were all there to help.

More Tai Chi!

We have been approached to offer a Tai Chi class in Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, and Louise Morey will be running a short course there from 29th June, Tuesdays at 10 a.m.