Smashing it during lockdown!

We moved into a new Lockdown from 5th November. As a result, all our in-person classes are closed, but we have boosted back up the on line service that was so highly acclaimed during the first lockdown. Only now it is even more extensive, with individual support through our big Instructor team. Full details are e-mailed to all our subscribers, but you can get a flavour of it from the on line page which is now a permanent feature of our classes section.

After Lockdown

Following the Government announcement on Monday 23rd November, we now know that the lockdown will end as scheduled on Wednesday 2nd December, and from Thursday 3rd December all our in-person classes will start to return where this is allowed.

Under the new guidance, our in-person classes will be allowed to return in areas designated tier 1 or tier 2, but not in tier 3. Students who live in tier 3 areas will not be able to attend classes in other areas. Which tier your area is in will be announced this Thursday, 26th. We expect all our Self Defence and Sword Arts classes to return to in-person if they are in tier 1 or 2 areas. We are consulting at the moment with Tai Chi Instructors and students about whether they would like to return now if allowed, or continue with Zoom through to the Christmas break.

Thanks for your support!

The Bredon Hill Cup

We were staggered by the wonderful response to the Bredon Hill Cup this year, with 93 video entries for the on-line heats. Finals are on 5th December, and it's going to be a very close finish! Find out more on our Bredon Hill Cup page.


We have workshops every month. They are on line at the moment, of course, and include a couple from our Chief Instructor.