Mugai Ryu is an ancient Samurai Art with a strong influence from Zen Buddhism. It is still, serene, and yet often complex and challenging. It is also a bizarre amount of fun!

Anyone can join in. There is a 60 year age difference between our oldest and youngest students, and people from all sorts of backgrounds take up Mugai Ryu.

So what is it like? One of our teachers described it as:

"like the tea ceremony with sharper instruments."

But there's a lot to it, including learning sword fighting drills and target cutting. It's a formal art, and it can be very formal indeed. Classes, though, are usually relaxed and fun. Get a flavour of them from some of the videos in our playlist

You are always welcome to come along and try any LCTKD class. You can find Mugai Ryu classes on our classfinder page by clicking on the button below. (You can find payment links there too.) Or contact us for more information using the link at the bottom of the page.