This is where to find out about and pay for our Tai Chi course at Henley in Arden.

Suitable for beginners and also those with some experience, the five week course will take beginners from the very start to being able to do a simple and beautiful Tai Chi sequence, and will introduce more experienced students to a new form taken directly from classical Yang Style Tai Chi.

LCTKD comes from London's Chinatown, and teaches a lot of things including a lot of Tai Chi. LCTKD's approach to Tai Chi has been so successful that it has grown to become one of the biggest Tai Chi schools in the UK. This course will be taught by Senior Instructor Louise Morey, who has extensive teaching experience and you can see her featured in many of our videos. You can find out about us and the Tai Chi we teach by clicking on the logo at the top of this page, and looking around our website, or going straight to our page about Tai Chi by clicking here. Or you can simply sign up for the course below to secure your place, and come along and join in. It's relaxed, it's relaxing, it's friendly, and it's good for you!

Here are the details.

Tuesdays 10-11 a.m. from 29th June to 27th July (5 weeks).

At: St Johns Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane, Henley in Arden, B95 5JY.

Cost: £25 for 5 weeks, and you pay that here.

Pay for the course with the button below. When you pay we will follow up with some more details and let you know how to contact your teacher. If you have any questions before booking, or there's anything you would like to let us know (for example, about your health) contact us at the LCTKD office and we'll be happy to help.

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Some Things To Note

If the course is popular, we will be happy to continue to teach Tai Chi in the area. Students who would like to continue their Tai Chi journey can also take advantage of our many other classes not too far away.

It is possible to augment your learning on the course by using our on-line course for beginners at the same time. You can find out about that here.

Everyone who joins the course is automatically registered with us for the purposes of our insurance, and you only need to complete our short registration form if you want to, or if you contine to study with us (and of course we hope that you will!). However, please do register if you have any health issues that we should be aware of.

One final thing. As we register you automatically it means you automatically accept our terms and conditions, which are designed to keep everyone safe, healthy and happy.