This is where you pay your grading fees for TaeKwonDo and your assessment fees for SAMA Kickboxing. Students of Mugai Ryu can also take gradings, and students of Ensodo also do assessments, but the payment system for those is different. So if you are a student of Mugai Ryu or Ensodo, ask your Instructor about grading and assessment fees.

TaeKwonDo grading fees relate to single gradings. The SAMA Kickboxing assessment fee is a one off payment that gets you into the assessment system and covers you for all the assessments you take up to Black Belt.

Please note that paying these fees does not guarantee promotion to the next rank. A student will only achieve the rank they are eligible for when the relevant criteria are met. Your Instructor will detail these criteria in classes. Fees are not refundable, so make sure that your Instructor agrees you should be entering TaeKwonDo gradings or the Kickboxing assessment system before paying.

Remember if you are taking gradings or assessments, there are lots of things you need, and lots of things to help you, in our resources section.

Good luck!

TKD Standard Income

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When is your grading?
Who is your Instructor?

TKD Low Income

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When is your grading?
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TKD Black Belt Grading

The TKD Black Belt Grading application process closed on 9th April and will open again once the final examinations are completed for the current group.

Kickboxing Assessments
£50 One Time Payment

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