This is where to find out about our Fluidity series of workshops, led by our most senior Instructors and often by Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall. Most of these are aimed at people who have one of the teaching qualifications from Teaching Assistant up, but some are open to all our students. Check the details for each workshop.

Unless it says otherwise, the workshops are free of charge.

Stop Being Rigid: Achieving Fludity in Internal Arts

For Internal Arts Teachers (Tai Chi and Mugai Ryu)
Thursday 3rd March, 3-5 p.m.

Despite the apparently fluid nature of internal arts, students - and even teachers - can struggle to overcome a static, move-by-move feel and appearance in how they perform their art. This workshop helps you understand and practice how to overcome rigidity and become more fluid in your internal arts.

Stop Being Rigid: Achieving Fludity in Self Defence Arts

For Self Defence Teachers (TKD, SAMA and Ensodo)
Saturday 19th March, 1-3 p.m.

The search for power and the perfection of completed technique can create an over-emphasis on strength, and a mistaken belief that flexibility comes from forced stretching, leading to a stilted, slow, injury-prone and ultimately inflexible martial arts practice. This workshop helps you to see your practice through the eyes of someone who flows like water, and understand what you need to build in to your practice to help you find that ability.


For Mugai Ryu Students
Saturday 21st May, 3-5 p.m.

Mugai Ryu has three pillars: iaido, kumitachi, and tameshigiri. For some, including Luciano Morgenstern Kiyoshi, a fourth pillar should be added: gekiken (free fighting). This is done wearing Kendo armour (bugo) and using bokuto. This workshop gives you the opportunity to experience this fourth pillar, in a way that does not just throw you into it, but builds up the different elements so that you can learn in safety and inform your wider Mugai Ryu practice.

Working Your Qi

Open to all LCTKD students
Thursday 8th September, 1-3 p.m.

Martial artists of all disciplines strive to understand, control and manipulate the power and healing quality of qi. To do that effectively requires an understanding not only of qi, but of how to use body and mind together to get in touch with and utilise it. This workshop helps you with that understanding, with plenty of practical application of it.

Timing In Patterns

For TKD Teachers
Saturday 12th November 1-3 p.m.

In many modern forms of TaeKwonDo, the practice of patterns has become a demonstration of isolated techniques done separately in distinct 2-3 second blocks. While preventing the over-hurried approach and ensuring that each technique is fully addressed, this approach disconnects patterns from their applications, and undermines the understanding that the movement into a technique is as much a part of a technique as the end position. Looking back to the historical development of martial arts, and drawing lessons from the fluidity of other arts other than TaeKwonDo, this workshop helps you to find and teach more meaningful patterns.

How to Teach Pad Drills

For Self Defence Teachers
Date and Venue TBC
Pad Drills serve a number of specific purposes in martial arts, but often the purposes are lost as flat-footed students batter the pads like heavy bags. This workshop helps you understand ther real purposes, avoid, watch for and correct mistakes in the way students approach their pad work.

Is It All Even? Timing in Yang Style Tai Chi

For Tai Chi Teachers
Date and Venue TBC
The steady, flowing Yang Style Tai Chi is easy to think of as moving at an even pace, but the surface look of it belies a much more complex depth. This workshop helps you understand that and use it to improve your Tai Chi, and that of your students.