Find out about, and book your place on, our upcoming events, competitions, workshops and seminars. All on this page. Note that things are listed in date order, so the ones coming up soonest are at the top.

This page is for one-off special events, competitions, workshops and seminars, and also for teaching courses including Junior Leader, Teaching Assistant, Assistant Instructor, and Full Instructor.

Workshops With Your Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall, as well as being the co-founder of LCTKD is an internationally renowned martial arts teacher, and Director of the international Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts. He has run one workshop already and is involved in another two during the lockdown.

On 25th November he is leading a workshop exploring Forms, Katas and Patterns in martial arts, looking at why we do these things, where they came from, and why we seem to do so many.

On 28th November he is leading a workshop designed for Tai Chi teachers.

More details and Zoom links are available to our subscribers.

Black Belt Special

Technical Director Drew N. Hall, 4th Dan, is running a Zoom workshop for TaeKwonDo Dan grades on the afternoon of Saturday 28th November. It is open to Black Belts from all our classes.

More details and Zoom links are available to our subscribers.

Assistant Instructor Course

Our Assistant Instructor course will be running this autumn despite the limitations created by the current restrictions, working partly on Zoom and partly in a Covid Secure in-person session. You can find out more about this through the link below.

The Bredon Hill Cup

What an incredible response we have had to the Bredon Hill Cup, where we ran on line heats this year, and got 93 video entries! Finals are now scheduled for 5th December. Find out more on our special page.