An Enso is a traditional Japanese symbol, closely associated with philosophy, and in particular with Zen. On the face of it, it is a circle, depicting the circle of life. But it is not quite a circle: the Enso never closes, symbolising life's imperfections and incompleteness.

Our Enso group of arts use the study of traditional weapons to take us beyond fighting, to gain an insight into ourselves, and perhaps beyond that.

Ensodo is a weapons infused but still practical self defence art. Iaido and the related Mugai Ryu use the traditional Japanese sword to gain an insight into the Zen mind. Bujutsu informs all of these with knowledge of traditional Japanese weapons.

Belts are not the aim here, but it is worth noting that Ensodo, Iaido and Mugai Ryu all offer opportunities to progress through grades to Black Belt and beyond, for those who want to take that journey.

Enso and Inyoshin

Our Iaido, Mugai Ryu and Bujutsu all owe a great debt of gratitude to Sensei David Jackson of Inyoshin Schools of Martial Arts, who has helped us develop these arts within LCTKD over many years, and continues to guide our practice. Sensei David is an internationally respected teacher of traditional Japanese arts, and a true expert in Japanese weapons arts. With over four decades of martial arts practice in studying, researching and teaching internationally, including in Japan, he has a huge experience in the field.

The Teaching of Enso Arts

These are collaborative arts. They share time and space with each other, and the students learn from each other's insights. So you can be a student of Iaido, for example, but in your sessions alongside your own study you might find others studying other weapons than the sword. That might inspire you to share understanding, techniques and perspectives, or you might be happy to stick to what you do whilst sharing the friendship of people training around you with the same dedication.

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