In Person Classes Underway

Our Chief Instructor has set out our general approach to returning to in-person classes, which he first explained in a video you can see here. Note that with constantly changing guidance, the video is no longer up to date, but it is worth watching to get an overall picture of our approach. For up to date detail, you need to check the latest version of our written plan, which you can see by clicking on the button below. The plan gives details about who can come to classes, how to arrange to come to classes, and social distancing and other Covid Secure practices will mean for classes and what you must do.

The Government announced that indoor sporting activities could begin again from 25th July, and following that we have completed Wave 2 of our plan for returning to in-person classes (which is the re-opening of our TaeKwonDo, SAMA Kickboxing and Mugai Ryu indoor classes). Wave 3 (Tai Chi in large indoor venues) is scheduled to start on 14th September.

The plan has been updated on 14th August to give more detail about the wearing of face coverings in indoor classes. We will update our plan every time new guidance or new information becomes available, so please keep checking back for updates, and check that you are referring to the latest update.

Earlier versions of the plan provided details of specific in-person classes returning. With so many now underway and so many more returning, details of classes can once again be found on our website, on our classes page.

Our classes page now includes an on-line section. While we progress through the different waves in our plan, our on-line services will continue across all our arts, so that anyone not able to get to in-person classes, or not wanting to be involved in-person classes just yet, can still be very much involved with their art and with their friends.

All of our in-person classes are operating with strictly limited numbers. Please contact your Instructor now, or contact us using the details at the bottom of the page, to book your place at these limited-numbers classes.