Covid Secure at LCTKD

Since the first restrictions on classes like ours came into force, even before the first lockdown, we at LCTKD have been scrupulous in following Government guidance, and going beyond that to keep our students and Instructors safe.

Following the recent lockdowns, we have now moved from on-line to in-person classes once again. Specific details of in-person classes can be found on our website, via our classes page.

What Is Covid Secure?

All our in-person classes run Covid Secure, which means in a way that is in line with the latest guidance on providing the safest possible environment. We work with Covid Secure trained Instructors, written risk assessments (which you can ask for), and a detailed plan in place to ensure correct Government guidance is strictly observed. The guidance changes frequently, and our Instructors are kept up to date with the latest changes, so that they can adapt their teaching accordingly.

To save you being bombarded with frequently changing information from the full plan Instructors work with, here are the highlights that you need to know:

please don't come to class if you have a temperature, feel poorly in any way, or should be self isolating

for now, everyone must keep 2 metres apart during all classes except for certain limited activities, unless they are from the same household (even outdoors)

everyone must wear face coverings when arriving at and leaving indoor classes, but they are not compulsory during classes, unless the Instructor feels it necessary

however, where closer contact is permitted, it is likely that face coverings will be required for those involved

some activities which involve closer contact are permitted, for example pad work and kumitachi, but there are restrictions on in which classes it is done, how it is done, and for how long it is done, so please follow closely your Instructor's guidance

all indoor classes have a system for entry and exit - please follow closely your Instructor's guidance and be careful to remember that entry and exit times are actually the most likely times when social distancing rules can be accidentally broken