We keep up to the minute with the latest Government guidelines and also with the latest scientific advice on how to operate safely in a Covid Secure way.

Updated guidance following the announcements on 12th October says that in areas of "medium alert," and "high alert," which includes all of our classes across 5 counties, the activities that we do can all continue, as long as adult classes follow the rule of 6. Classes for under 18s are exempt from the rule of 6.

Our own procedures take into account the level of risk in the general population, and because of that there are minor restrictions on what can be done in a self defence or sword arts class within a "high alert" area, but otherwise the approach is the same for medium and high alert areas.

Currently, none of our classes are in "very high alert" areas.

Covid Secure at LCTKD

Since the first restrictions on classes like ours came into force in March, even before the lockdown, we at LCTKD have been scrupulous in following Government guidance to the letter, and going beyond that to keep our students and Instructors safe.

All our in-person classes run Covid Secure, with Covid Secure trained Instructors, written risk assessments, and a detailed plan in place for each class to ensure correct social distance is maintained. Face coverings - masks or visors - are compulsory for all ages at all our indoor classes, except where there are health reasons not to wear one.

Our "box" system - pictured below from a TaeKwonDo class - allocates the right amount of space to all our students, while allowing members of the same household to train together. Sometimes the boxes are marked out, like in this TaeKwonDo class. In other classes, especially with a higher age range, the Instructor explains the spacing to students without the physical barriers, but the amount of available "boxes" determines the overall class numbers.

The Rule of Six

Our TaeKwonDo classes for Juniors are exempt from the rule of 6, under the Government guidance, as they are supervised classes run Covid Secure.

As they are Covid Secure, all our adult classes are allowed to operate with larger numbers than 6, as long as they operate in distinct groups of not more than six. So this is how it works for our different classes.

Our TaeKwonDo classes for adults - which run in large venues - run with separate groups of not more than 6 including a group leader - who is one of our teaching team.

Our Tai Chi classes - which run in large venues - run with separate groups of not more than 6 including a group leader - who is one of our teaching team.

Our Mugai Ryu and Ensodo classes are restricted to six in total, including the Instructor.

Note that under the rule of 6 Instructors and Tutors are not counted.

For a detailed explanation of how our classes operate, please see the attached plan.

Details of in person classes currently operating can be found on our website, on our classes page.

Our classes page now includes an on-line section. While we progress through the different waves in our plan, our on-line services will continue across all our arts, so that anyone not able to get to in-person classes, or not wanting to be involved in-person classes just yet, can still be very much involved with their art and with their friends.

All of our in-person classes are operating with strictly limited numbers. Please contact your Instructor, or contact us using the details at the bottom of the page, to book your place at these limited-numbers classes.