Coronavirus COVID-19: The Latest from LCTKD

We Are Now Fully On-Line

Most of you will have heard the Government's announcements introducing strict social distancing measures with immediate effect and social isolation for many.

As a responsible organisation, we are working in line with the Government guidance. If everybody acts responsibly in this way it will minimise the impact of the disease and save lives. It will also help us to be better able to bounce back once this immediate threat is passed. So it is vital for everybody that we follow the Government's guidance. Here is how we are going to do that, while keeping you fit and active.

Fortunately, we had been gearing up for this behind the scenes, and though the annoucements came much more quickly than everyone expected, from the week beginning 23rd March our on-line service has been in place, providing you with great programmes of videos, activities, quizzes, competitions, learning materials and much more.

This is a private service available only to our subscribers and people who are currently paying for a course. (If you happen to be paying by a course at the moment, the service will be available for you up to the end of April.)

With so many restrictions on social activity, and with many people actually completely isolated, we want to make sure that you get something that allows you to be active and connected with others. Exercise and connectivity are vital, and what we teach has many health benefits, including things directly designed to boost your immunity - which we will focus on in particular. So we are not going to stop our classes, just provide you with lots of learning, fun, interest and connection on-line instead of in person. It won't be the same as coming to a live class, but we hope to make it as close as possible, with even more things to do.

What is more, we will provide it in such a way that each class is available long after we are all back in the live classes - so it is a whole host of videos and other resources that you will continue to have.

We are even working out ways of teachers collecting teaching hours to be given credits for that, and students collecting students hours being given credits for that, and graders - including Black Belt graders - to be given hours for the training they do.

So What About Right Now?

The Government guidance is very strict, and we are very responsible. So don't go to your usual classes. There won't be anyone there. Instead, please make use of our on-line programmes.

The LCTKD Family

One of the things people say about us most is that we are like one big family, and like a family we look after one another. We want to help anyone who needs some help, so please keep in touch with each other, and with your Instructors, so you can do that. Please also let us know if there is anyone who is poorly or isolated, so that we can keep in touch with them too.

And please let people know of your support for us. Thank you for all the messages of support you have sent us already, which really make a difference. It is going to be a tough time for a lot of organisations, and everyone's support really matters. Did you know that LCTKD is a direct source of support to around 50 small businesses and organisations? With your support, we can continue to support not only you, but them too.

Please come back to this page, or check out our Facebook page (the link is below) for the latest news.