Covid Secure at LCTKD

Since the first restrictions on classes like ours came into force, even before the first lockdown, we at LCTKD have been scrupulous in following Government guidance, and going beyond that to keep our students and Instructors safe.

The Government has removed legal restrictions from 19th July, but has asked everybody to be cautious and offered guidance to businesses on how to approach this.

In line with Government guidance, at LCTKD we have moved from on-line to in-person classes, and have began a gradual process towards returning to the sort of classes you would have expected before the pandemic hit. You can find classes on our website, via our classes page.

How Will We Remain Covid Secure?

All our in-person classes continue to run in line with the latest guidance on providing the safest possible environment. We work with Covid Secure trained Instructors, written risk assessments and a detailed plan in place to ensure correct Government guidance is strictly observed.

To save you being bombarded with the detailed information from the full plan Instructors work with, here are the highlights that you need to know:

please don't come to class if you have a temperature, feel poorly in any way, or should be self isolating

though there is no legal social distancing rule, please respect people's space. Instructors will encourage you to keep a reasonable space between you as we all try to do our bit to keep the nation healthy

you are not required to wear face coverings, but you may do so if you or your Instructor feel it appropriate

modestly contact activities such as pad or bag work, kumitachi or tameshigiri, are allowed. Where the local infection rates are high, rates of vaccinations are low, the class is crowded, or ventilation is limited, the Instructor may limit the length of time these activities take place accordingly. Where all factors are good, these activities may take up an entire class

for the time being all high contact activities such as sparring, gekkiken, push hands or close quarter self defence will be done only for strictly limited time, and with limited changes of partners. Please follow closely your Instructor's guidance

please remember the importance of hand and equipment sanitising

busy indoor classes may still operate a system for entry and exit - please follow closely your Instructor's guidance to avoid crowding