Covid Secure at LCTKD

Since the first restrictions on classes like ours came into force, even before the first lockdown, we at LCTKD have been scrupulous in following Government guidance to the letter, and going beyond that to keep our students and Instructors safe.

In line with the current lockdown, all our classes are on-line, and our regular in-person classes and courses have been suspended. The Government has now issued a roadmap for the way forward, and in line with that, if the projected dates are met, we anticipate:

beginning to run some outdoor classes from 29th March, alongside a continuing on line programme;
possibly introducing some indoor classes for children from 12th April, subject to venues being available;
beginning to reintroduce all our in person classes and courses from 17th May, subject to venues and student numbers.

As they become available, details of in person classes can be found on our website, on our classes page.

What Is Covid Secure?

All our in-person classes run Covid Secure, with Covid Secure trained Instructors, written risk assessments, and a detailed plan in place to ensure correct social distance is maintained, and Government guidance relating to, for example, Face coverings - masks or visors - is strictly observed.

The Government has promised to issue new social distancing guidance before indoor classes can return, and we will issue an updated plan once that is available.