This is where to find classes and courses with LCTKD.

You can also find one of our many workshops, one-off events, and teacher training courses on our events page

We normally run regular classes and in a lot of different places. Just take at look at the list below!

But times are far from normal at the moment.

Thanks to our wonderful team of Instructors we can offer you a great selection of on line programmes - wherever you are, and at whatever time suits you. And our in-person classes are gradually returning for our subscribers, with restricted numbers classes observing social distancing. Both our in-person and on-line services will run side-by-side for some time, so to all our subscribers who are shielding, who have other things that keep them from in-person class, or who just enjoy the freedom of getting something on-line as well - we've got you covered!

You can keep up to date with which in-person classes are back, and what's back next, through our news page and the associated coronavirus page, or contact us using the details at the bottom of this page to find out more.

Our on-line programmes in Tai Chi, Self Defence arts (including TaeKwonDo, Ensodo and SAMA Kickboxing), and Sword Arts, all have both Zoom classes and lots of practice and teaching videos (updated weekly), plus great downloads, quizzes and prize competitions to keep everyone in the family active. (You can find out about the arts we teach here.)

To take advantage of these on-line programmes, and to be able to attend our returning in-person classes, you use a very easy to set up monthly subscription that fits the arts you want - Tai Chi, or Self Defence (wich includes Tai Chi too), or Swords (which includes Self Defence and Tai Chi!). We have low income and family rates, so our subscriptions start from just £10 per month, and they are really easy to set up. There is no contract, and when times change they are easy to cancel with just a couple of clicks.

Also, for those interested in starting to learn Tai Chi to help your body stay strong and help you cope with the stress of these times, we also have on-line beginner courses, completely designed to work for you at home.