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Wednesday 27th October, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
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Our public Tai Chi classes began in 2013 at the glorious Batsford Arboretum in the Cotswolds. Classes there have twice featured on BBC television, and remain as popular as ever. In the years since then, along with regular classes across three counties, we have drawn on our experience at Batsford to work in a number of truly peaceful places, including running regular classes at the Cathedral itself before the renovations. We are delighted now to be able to return to the Cathedral with this special workshop open to everyone.

The workshop will be taught by Senior Instructor Louise Morey, who has extensive teaching experience and you can see her featured in many of our videos. It will reflect on the history and philosophy of Yang Style Tai Chi in practice, with a presentation about that followed by the opportunity to put it into practice. There will be time for a lunch break.

Yang Style Tai Chi is the one you most likely recognise. It is the world's most popular, and its gentle flowing movements are what comes to mind when you think about what Tai Chi looks like. The workshop, which is open to beginners and more experienced people, will allow you to consider the history and philosophy of Yang Style Tai Chi in practice, using parts of famous Tai Chi sequences. Experience students might like to know that the sequences will include the Short Form, the Long Form, the Beijing 24 Step and the Chinatown Dragon Form. If you are a beginner, please don't worry about all these names; you don't have to know these sequences to take part.

The workshop, which costs just £30, will be held in the Undercroft at Worcester Cathedral. It is a totally unique venue not open to the general public. Included in the price you can learn about its history and role in the Cathedral.

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LCTKD comes from London's Chinatown, and teaches a lot of things including a lot of Tai Chi. LCTKD's approach to Tai Chi has been so successful that it has grown to become one of the biggest Tai Chi schools in the UK. You can find out about us and the Tai Chi we teach by clicking on the logo at the top of this page, and looking around our website, or going straight to our page about Tai Chi by clicking here. Or you can simply book your place at the workshop with the link above, come along and join in. A truly interesting and peaceful time is assured.

Some Things To Note

Everyone who joins this workshop one off classes is automatically registered with us for the purposes of our insurance, and you only need to complete our short registration form if you want to, or if you contine to study with us (and of course we hope that you will!). However, please do let us know when you book if you have any health issues that we should be aware of.

One final thing. As we register you automatically it means you automatically accept our terms and conditions, which are designed to keep everyone safe, healthy and happy.