Bredon Hill Cup

Join Us in the 2020 Event!

The Bredon Hill Cup is one of our flagship events of the year. It's packed, it's emotional, it's lots of people doing different arts. You can get a bit of the flavour of it from our video compilation from last year (after 1.54 it moves on to other things).

As you can see, it's an event for all of LCTKD, and LCTKD students from all our arts take part. It's all in together and that adds to the atmosphere, but this year, we can't really run a big, crowded event. Don't worry: we are not daunted - we have a plan!

We are going to run an event which starts on line, including four of our usual six categories. The four are:

Traditional Patterns, Kata or Forms
That's individuals doing things from their arts.
Maximum length 3 minutes. (A section from a longer Form is allowed.)

Synchronised Patterns, Kata or Forms
That's 2 or more students doing their patterns in synch.
Maximum length 3 minutes. (A section from a longer Form is allowed.)

Creative Patterns, Kata or Forms
That's individuals demonstrating patterns they have designed with added creativity - use music, new weapons, a different way of doing it....
Maximum length 3 minutes.

Best Moves
That can be single moves or combinations of just a few seconds duration. Pick technically difficult or impressive moves. Cutting targets, breaking boards and flashy kicks are popular choices, but you can choose whatever is your best move.

We want you to send us your video entries by Sunday 11th October. You can send as many entries as you want. And our panel of senior judges will go through them all and select the top ones. Don't worry if you don't come top, though, because you still get points for yourself and your team - see below!

Finals and Cups

Once the judges have been through all the videos, we aim to organise in person finals for the top entries, where they can repeat their performances in a socially distanced competition for the trophies in each category. We will strictly limit numbers at this so that it works Covid Secure.

We have not set a date for this yet, but will work with the finalists.

Even if you are not a finalist, your entries matter! Everyone gains points for their entry, for each category, and towards the overall Bredon Hill Cup. The winner of the Cup is the person with the most overall points.

They also gather points for the Grasshoppers' Trophy. That's usually for the top club, but this year it will be for the top art. So it's going to be TaeKwonDo, Tai Chi, Ensodo, Mugai Ryu or SAMA Kickboxing. Who will be the winner?

And there's a third, very special trophy, which is the Ray Howe Trophy, for the outstanding performance of the competition. It doesn't have to be a winning performance. In this competition, how hard you try counts.

How To Enter

Entering is really easy. You just take a video of what you want to do, and send it in with just a couple of clicks. Your Instructor can also do this for you, but it's simple to do at home. This short video shows you how:

Send Us Your Entry

Deadline is 11th October, but do get your entry in early. You can send more than one entry, so don't be worried if it doesn't seem good enough first time. Send it in and use that for practice, then do another one later!

Thank you and good luck! If you have any questions, speak to your Instructor, or contact us using the links at the bottom of the page.