Aqua Tai Chi

At LCTKD we also teach Aqua Tai Chi, which is authentic, classical Tai Chi taught in a way that works with and benefits from the support and resistance of the water.

With small classes in a luxurious warm pool, we are able to use the water to help you balance, so Aqua Tai Chi is ideal for people who need that extra support.

The water also gives a special resistance, which helps students to slow down their movements, understand them better, and benefit from more of a work out.

Classes follow a similar format and work with similar forms to ordinary Tai Chi classes, so they are an enjoyable and easy to take up transition for people who already do Tai Chi with us.

You can find our Aqua Tai Chi classes at Chessgrove Swim in Hanbury. Or contact us for more information using the link at the bottom of the page.