"This programme is brutal....."

The Animal Programme is a 10 week programme of workouts designed to take your fitness to another level. To a higher level. To the highest level.

Fitness Instructor, Founder of SAMA, and LCTKD Technical Director Drew Hall has run a series of very popular martial arts fitness workshops for LCTKD. If you have seen him in action, you'll understand just how incredibly fit he is. Now he has designed a special fitness programme for those aiming to discover some of his workouts, and use them to change their fitness, and change themselves.

The programme follows through a cycle of 5 workouts, each one capable of being done in kettlebell format or in body weight only format (so, no kettlebells!). You go at your own pace and find your own level, aiming to raise up every week.

Instructional videos take you through all the workouts in the different formats, a warm up session designed for the programme, and a stretch session to work as part of it. Following the 10 week cycle allows you to build your fitness in a well structured way, based upon the most efficient way to make gains.

When you sign up to the programme you get the videos, and a workshop schedule, and you can contact Drew with any questions you have along the way.

So what does it cost?

It costs just £12. That's £1.20 a week, or just over 17p a day.

Ready to make the leap?

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