Find out about, and book your place on, our upcoming events, competitions, workshops and seminars. All on this page. Note that things are listed in date order, so the ones coming up soonest are at the top.

This page is for one-off special events, competitions, workshops and seminars, and also for teaching courses including Junior Leader, Teaching Assistant, Assistant Instructor, and Full Instructor.

Students from across LCTKD have been granted access to a very special course taught from Holland by Sensei Arjan Tervoort, called "Zen for Budoka." In this course, starting 11th March, Zen expert and leading swordsman Sensei Arjan guides people through Zen for martial artists. This course is now fully booked.

LCTKD Co-Founder and Chief Instructor Neil R. Hall runs another of his Tai Chi Teachers' Workshops on

Friday 23rd April, at 3 p.m.

Open to current Tai Chi Teachers at all levels from Teaching Assistant to Senior Instructor. Check your e-mails for details.

World Tai Chi Day

We always celebrate this annual world event on the last Saturday of April. Last year, with everything locked down, we went for an on line event, which was a great success. It was one of the first lockdown events we tried, and it really convinced us how much could be possible if people are willing to give it a go. This year, some outdoor activities will be allowed at the event date of , and we are hoping to do something outdoors again. Watch this space, because we will be doing something, and that something that will be open to the general public.


One of the workshops for the coming months we are currently planning is one called "What Confucious Really Said." Explaining who Confucious was, his legacy for East Asian - and indeed world - societies, and what he actually said. Watch this page for details.